RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]

Valcute Versus English Ver. 無料ダウンロード (pdf,rar,zip)

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RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]
RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]
RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]
RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]
RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]
RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]
RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]
RJ01044934 Valcute Versus English Ver. [20230512]
Tag: フェチ,女主人公,サキュバス/淫魔,格闘,キャットファイト,レズ/女同士,放尿/おしっこ,リョナ





This work is an English translation and localization of “Valcute Versus” [RJ434738].
If you already have this one, you do not need to purchase it.
There is no additional elements.
The author is not an English speaker. And the translation was not done by a professional. Please understand that there may be typos and poor expressions.
Character voices are in Japanese.

The text in the game has been translated into English, but some internal data and file names contain Japanese characters, which may cause errors if your OS does not support Japanese environment. In this case, please try using an environment that supports Japanese-language display.
We recommend that you check the operation with the trial version.

この作品はValcute Versusの英語翻訳・ローカライズ版です。追加要素はありません。


Valcute Versus English Ver. [SLAVE RAVE]

A girl-shaped android. Originally developed as an android to communicate with humans, but by alien attack, her task changed with defeating it.
She is serious, kind-hearted, and has a human-like heart. She does not use weapons, but fights with her own fists.
Her body and clothes are flexible, durable, and self-healing, but her advancing technology is a closely guarded secret.

Valcute Versus English Ver. [SLAVE RAVE]

An alien in the form of a woman. Her true gender is unknown. She will encounter Valcute.
She has the ability to absorb any information from those she comes in contact with and evolve herself. She absorbs the wisdom and abilities of humans, and has even developed a technique to manipulate humans in order to efficiently conquer the earth.
He is selfish, coercive, and calculating. He is sadistic and relentless in its attacks on Valcute.


Valcute Versus English Ver. [SLAVE RAVE]

This RPG specializes in one-on-one combat. It develops only in the conversation/preparation part and the battle part.
The battle is a turn-based command battle.
Four types of striking techniques: Hi, Mid, Low, and Jmp,
The superiority of the attack is determined by the three systems of strike, grapple, and guard, and the advantageous side’s technique is performed.
The game unfolds like a fighting game, requiring the player to keep track of the HP, EP, and ST (Stamina) gauges.
The more attacks you hit in a sequence, the higher your level and the more powerful your moves will be.
When ST is reduced, the opponent can be downed, and you can follow up and recover.
Of course, the opponent will also use powerful and sneaky techniques.
New equipment and techniques can be acquired with the DP gained from each battle.
But Ivilla also gets stronger with each battle and learns new techniques. More than 30 of them!

Significance of this game

Valcute Versus English Ver. [SLAVE RAVE]

This game is rated R15 and is not an erotic game, so there is no taking off of clothes, foreplay, or sex.
However, we have tried to create a slightly erotic experience that can be enjoyed only because it is not an erotic game. I think that the sight of girls fighting each other and being beaten by each other are very attractive, and I don’t think there are many games that can satisfy such a niche fetish, so I created this game.

Fetish move

Valcute Versus English Ver. [SLAVE RAVE]

Ivilla performs a variety of fetish techniques.
The strong point of this work is that the female alien performs exciting technique on the girl android.
As I believe such works are rare in the world, I have made an effort and attempted to localize it into English.
Lead Valcute to victory against Ivilla’s evil attacks!

(English product description provided by the creator.)

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