RJ313828 Catina Patissier [20210116]

RJ313828 Catina Patissier [20210116]

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RJ313828 Catina Patissier [20210116]
RJ313828 Catina Patissier [20210116]
RJ313828 Catina Patissier [20210116]
RJ313828 Catina Patissier [20210116]
RJ313828 Catina Patissier [20210116]
RJ313828 Catina Patissier [20210116]
Tag: 陵辱,淫乱,羞恥/恥辱,強制/無理矢理,レイプ,異種姦,巨乳/爆乳

** Prologue

Catina, whose father was a patissier and who grew up watching her father make confectionery from a young age,
one day decided that she wanted to be a patissier herself.

Day after day, with no time to sleep, Catina worked hard to learn how to make confectionery and become a patissier…
However, one day, when she was on her way to vocational school, she was run over by a car and was killed.

In the world after her death, Catina was told of this fact by the goddess, and started to sob
The goddess had mercy on her, and as a special favor, allowed her to be reincarnated in another world.

Catina received ha proposal, and resolved to become a patissier in another world…
Catina was reincarnated and learned her trade and worked in a confectionery shop.

However, the surrounding staff were all frisky severe men, and she was frequently sexually harassed,
and made to eat cookies with pubic hairs inside them.

The customers were all nasty people as well and made claims against her, telling her to repay them with her body.
Her life in the other world was just really tough.

Still Catina overcame all of these difficulties to become a patissier…

** Special erotic scenes

Made to eat a cake with aphrodisiac inside it as a sample, she got into heat, and started playing with herself
Told to buy materials, she was sent into the forest by the manager, but was attacked by an ork and forced into anal sex
She was told by a customer that if she gave him a footjob, he would buy her some cookies
She had liquid that heightened her sensitivity poured in through a tentacle and was abused
Gang-raped by the men in her shared house
She was told by a complaining customer to give him head

There are so many more erotic scenes like this!

The girl who wanted to become a patissier, despite facing sexual harassment and being shagged in the other world…
Soon became entranced in the sex…?
Instead of making confectionery, she concentrated on sex…?

** Characters


Her real name is Catina Fukayama
Beautiful girl characterized by blonde hair and emerald eyes

She has huge tits that, although voluptuous seem somehow inappropriate.
She does not seem to like them much herself,
and shrinks away from the men who ogle her tits.

She not only likes making confectionery, but eating it too,
and if she is not careful will end up eating only sweets.
For that reason, her weight frequently increases,
and she goes jogging regularly for diet purposes.
Even so, she is secretly troubled by the fact that she cannot lose weight.

Recently, her upper arms have started to feel flabby,
and she is often heard sighing about their flabbiness.

She does not have the talent of her father in making confectionery,
and until now she has just sweat blood to get better at what she does.

She wanted her confectionery to make many people happy,
So whatever hardship she faced, she had the mental strength to push through.

This product contains overlapping content with: “カティーナ・パティシエール~異世界で菓子職人を目指す美少女~(RJ228096)”

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