RJ293183 [20200706]BLACKSOULSII【English】

RJ293183 [20200706]BLACKSOULSII【English】

Tag: 退廃/背徳/インモラル,ファンタジー,レイプ,和姦,ロリ,人外娘/モンスター娘

This is an adult-oriented RPG, a sequel to "BLACK SOULS".
Be warned, as it contains portrayals of cruelty and despair.

In this work you'll meet 34 Heroines.
Almost all of them are the fun characters you may have met
before in the famous tale "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland".
Though, now all of them are charming girls.
(However, the most important for you is Alice of course,
isn't that right?)

・The White Rabbit
・The Cheshire Cat
・The Hatter
・The March Hare
・The Dormouse
・The Duchess
・The Mock Turtle
・The Gryphon
・The Queen of Hearts
・The Red Queen
And many others…

●SEN System
All NPCs in this world can be killed. However, should you
do so, your SEN would decrease. And as it gets too low:
・BGM will disappear.
・All the inhabitants will begin to talk in an incomprehensible language.
・Some things that should not be seen will become visible.
What a frightening ailment it is!
Make sure to keep your SEN high with a generous dose of
prescribed drugs and sex with the Heroines.

●There's so much wonderful fun for you in my land!
・A vast open world made of many different and charming maps.
・Will you kill or will you be killed? Tactical and tense ATB combat.
・Explore the Wonderland end to end, gathering souls and raising your level.
・Follow various sub-plots or delve into grinding and challenge yourself.
・All NPCs can be killed. Female NPCs can be raped and imprisoned in your Dungeon.
・Death is not the end, merely a setback as you resume from the last bonfire.
・Many different endings(7 in total).
・Enter into Covenants with Heroines.
・Gather all of the fairy tales.
・Proceed onto New Game+.
・No random encounters, instead you encounter enemies on the map.
・You can disable erotic content should you choose so.

・The madness and absurdity of this world are beyond one's imagination.
Depending on your actions, the Heroines may die or turn into demonbeasts
and attack you. (Please save them if you will.)

(This time for sure) the difficulty may break your heart.
Though there are some items prepared to smoothen the progress,
should you chose to use them.

117 base CGs(not counting images with minor differences to these).

The crystallization of love between you and the heroines.
And rape with the sole purpose of satisfying your own desire.

Mainly, the scenes fall into these two categories.
There are no ryona or NTR elements.

There's a recollection room for events you've seen.
Getting the True End unlocks all events in it.

●3 free large-scale content updates!
【First Chapter  GOD OF THE DEEP OCEAN】Released
【Second Chapter OLD KING OF THE CHESS】Released
【Third Chapter  CROWN OF THE LION AND UNICORN】Scheduled to be released in 2020

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